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Winesone, party for 1 - the quarantine edition. Need to pass the time during the covid-19 outbreak? You can only clean your bathroom so many times before going crazy. To help make you feel sparkly again, we've transformed our signature party designed for gal pal get-togethers into a solo party! So grab a glass or bottle of wine and get Winestoning! 

You'll get all of the essentials you need to sparkle a dangerously lacy pair of undies to wear around the house (because why would you wear pants at a time like this?).

Each kit comes complete with: 

  • 1 pair of sexy panties
  • 36 sparkly Swarovski crystals - colors chosen by yours truly to compliment your new skivvies
  • 1 - 0.61 oz tube of SuperTite non-toxic glue (because we don't recommend mixing fumes with merlot)
  • 1 hot pink Pick-N-Stick to make rhinestoning a breeze
  • Toothpicks for glue application 

We will do our best to accommodate the color and style of panties you request! But promise that no matter what you get, you'll love it.

Happy Winestoning, boo! 

Type: event

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