Unicorn Crystal Mix

The Sparkle Bus

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Introducing our brand new Unicorn Mixes exclusive to The Sparkle Bus! Why are these called Unicorn Mixes? While each color combo is expertly curated to look amazing together, each mix will vary in exact color and size. What can we say? We like to keep things interesting! It's like bartender's choice, but for crystals. 

  • Each Unicorn Mix comes filled to the brim in one of our signature diamond containers
  • Contains about 2 gross of crystals (288 crystals) per container depending on crystal sizes
  • Crystal sizes range from SS 5 - SS 30 (size combinations may vary) 
  • Ice Blue It's True - a mix of gorgeous blues and icy neutrals 
  • He Does Exist - a mix of sassy pinks, reds, crystal and jet
  • Peachy Keen - a mix of peachy neutrals and sultry coppers
  • Silent Night - a mix of cool dark crystals reminiscent of the night sky
  • Skol - a mix of purples, golds, and a whole lot of SKOL because Minnesota, duh
  • Guaranteed to fill you with joy! 

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