meet the Sparkle Team

Brittany Hustad

Brittany's love of sparkle began at an early age on her first cheer team where she realized her talents for sparkling cheer bows and uniforms. Now as an aerialist, Brittany spends a lot of time designing her many trapeze costumes! Brittany's favorite part about custom crystal design is creating new and innovative embellishments using Swarovski crystals. 

Caitlin Higgins

Caitlin has been sparkle obsessed since her first dance class at the age of three. Since then, she has studied many forms of dance including ballet, hip hop, lyrical and tap. Most recently, Caitlin cheered for the Minnesota Vikings. She now enjoys performing aerial pole and sparkling dance costumes (especially for Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader hopefuls).  


Callie - aka The Sparkle Mascot - aka the brains behind The Sparkle Bus operation - is a lifelong sparkle connoisseur and avid Vikings Fan. Callie is an expert in all matters Sparkle. 


The Sparkle Bus is our name and crystals are our game. We've put a lot of blood, sweat and sparkles into TSB. Click below to learn more about us!

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