how to winestone

Let's get ready to winestone
Welcome to your Winestone Party, friends! Get ready for a night full of glam, creativity and stories you may or may not want to share with those not in attendance. 

The instructions for Winestoning are simple. 
1) Grab your friends and drink of choice
2) Pick your panties and crystals
3) Adhere said crystals to dangerously lacy panties using enclosed application tools
4) Let glue cure for 48-72 hours
5) Wear for yourself or a special someone

While these instructions are simple, we suggest you watch this video for full instructions, rhinestoning tips, and comedy, because we're obviously hilariously ridiculous people.
We hope you have an amazing time!

P.S. Have Winestoning questions? Send us an email at A sparkle team member will get back to you shortly!