Content Creator Guidelines

Welcome, friend!

We're so happy you're interested in partnering with us. Read below for our writing and visual guidelines. If you feel your content is a match for our brand, get in touch!

About The Sparkle Bus
Writing Style
Visual Style

Our brand is SPARKLY! We’re a fun, friendly, and vibrant duo. 

We empower each other, other brands, and other women. 

We are experts in our field, and love sharing our expertise, but not in a snobby way. 

We’re modern, but approachable and accessible, not sterile.

Write like you’re telling a great story to a friend! Use first-person in a conversational tone, with short paragraphs of texts and simple formatting. 


Writing Do: We had an AMAZING time last weekend with a DIY Winestone Party to celebrate my bestie’s b-day. 

Writing Don’t: My best friend’s birthday was last weekend and we had a DIY Winestone Party to celebrate.

  • We love bright, feminine colors. Preferred colors: hot pink, vibrant turquoise, bright white and warm glitter gold. 
  • It’s best for engagement across most platforms when you include multiple photos in a post.
  • Photos and videos of people are preferred. People should be smiling and laughing - you should be having a great time with your besties! 
  •  Photos and videos of products are also welcome without people in the photos. 
  • Ex: flat lays of rhinestoned garments, Winestone Party décor, your rhinestoning battle station.

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