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Hey there, Gorgeous! Welcome to The Sparkle Bus. Our mission is to bring sparkle straight to your door. Like the Schwan's Man, but way better...who needs food when you can have sparkle, right?? We are Swarovski Authorized Resellers and refuse to provide anything other than Swarovski - because only the best for you, babe. 

AND to make things even better, we are also the creators of Winestone Parties. Kind of like wine and paint parties but for rhinestones and lingerie. Dying to learn more about this insanely fun, flirtatious and sparkly experience? Click here.


Guess what? We're so much more than a mobile rhinestoning business.The Sparkle Bus also spreads magic, unicorns and sparkle in the form of Sparkle Scholarships!We believe that everyone should have the chance to sparkle inside out. That's why we donate 5% of our profits to help women in need receive services to find their sparkle.  

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Want to chat about your extreme love of sparkle? (No judgement here, we get it.) Or have questions about our products and services?Send us a message via the fancy contact form below! A member of the sparkle team will get back to you as soon as possible.Until then, we hope your day shines as bright as your Swarovski crystals! 


 The Sparkle Team

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Winestone Party
Winestone Party

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