DIY Wine Glass Markers

December 29, 2017

DIY Wine Glass Markers

Sparkle Friends, are you sick of playing the "which wine glass is mine" game? Are you tired of drinking someone else's germs once you've come to terms with losing said game? 

Well, you're in luck! Because we are sick and tired of losing our wine glasses too!

This week we're sharing how to make some pretty darn sparkly (and gorgeous) wine glass markers. These are perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or a lonely night of drinking wine alone. 

Winestone Wednesday - DIY Wine Glass Markers

Sparkle Highlights

0:16 Today's project is.... 
0:36 Let's talk about our ingredients
1:36 Our glue of choice 
2:02 Do you need more friends?  
2:20 Versatility of Crystal AB
3:08 We're done! 

wine glass markers

Sparkle Ingredients 

Ready to make these sparkly wine glass tags? All you need are a few ingredients...or should I

First, you will need snacks, and a glass of wine - only if you're 21 or older, obv. 

Next you'll need: 

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wine glass tags

Making Your Wine Glass Markers

Making these wine glass tags are super fast and easy to make! You'll wonder why you didn't make them sooner. 

  1. Set up your rhinestoning station: cover surfaces with a table cloth or use a paper plate to prevent spills. Believe me when I say that glue will get EVERYWHERE. 
  2. Set up your ingredients as you like.
  3. Plan out your pattern. 
  4. Get out a dollop of glue. 
  5. Get comfy and start gluing. 
  6. Lay flat to dry when finished - let set for about 24 hours. 

Remember that a little glue goes a long way! If you make a mess of your wine glass tag with glue - let the glue get tacky and then scrape it off. Your tag will look just like new! 

Enjoy always knowing which wine glass is yours! Your friends will thank you too. 


What would a serious rhinestoning tutorial be without bloopers? Check out the clips that didn't make the final cut....

It's worth a watch....or at least we think we're funny!  

Want to buy instead?

Would you prefer that these wine glass tags arrive at your door rather than doing it yourself? 

If so, then you're in luck! You can order these beauties from our Etsy shop

Go here to order wine glass tags in sets of four. 

wine glass tag

What kind of wine glass tags do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below! 


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